Our History

“Why should a business be forced to order more than it needs?”

This was the question Brent Roth kept asking himself. So in 2001, he founded UST and vowed to do something unheard of within the industry. He wanted his company to provide small-scale production runs for contracted manufacturing services.

Since then, UST has grown and we are now able to handle scale runs of all sizes. This is largely due to UST’s dedicated management team. Composed of nutritional product veterans, our staff recognized the need to supply personalized services that feature quality, science-based dietary supplements. Their vision and understanding is why UST is now one of the nation’s leading producers of high-quality dietary supplements.

About UST


At UST, our sales team is different from your typical sales representative. Our sales team members are industry experts and truly understand the science behind the supplements. So, if you have questions about customizing a supplement during a meeting, they can walk you through the necessary modifications needed to achieve your goals. It’s all part of our personalized services. We are committed to delivering a larger spectrum of services, all tailored to your needs.

Executive Bios

Brent RothBrent Roth (President / CEO) – Brent Roth is a truly engaging conversationalist. He is extremely passionate about UST and loves to create new nutritional and dietary supplement formulas. Some like to say Brent is “old school” when it comes to business, but Brent just enjoys building relationships face-to-face. He says the best way to start off a long-lasting partnership is with a good handshake.

Brent founded UST in November 2000 and opened its doors in January 2001. He has been the President, CEO, and owner since UST’s inception and is still extremely active in the day-to-day operations. Brent holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah and has been a driving force in the Dietary Supplement industry for the past 27 years.

Before UST, Brent was employed with Nutraceutical Corp (NUTR:NASDAQ) for 14 years. He held the following positions: Vice President of Technology, President of Vitamins and Minerals (Solaray and Makers of KAL), and President of Monarch Labs (contract manufacturing and mineral manufacturing). When Clarte and Bain Capital bought out Solaray and created Nutraceutical Corp, Brent assisted and helped with the IPO. He was also a key member of the coalition that achieved DSHEA legislation.

Brent currently lives in Davis County, Utah, with his wife and seven children.

Wendy English - VP Strategic Bus. Dev.Wendy English (Vice President of Strategic Business Development) – Wendy has spent nearly 30 years in the dietary and nutritional supplement industry primarily in the manufacturing arena and has spent the majority of that time with UST MFG.  During these years in the industry she has worn many hats ranging from finance, purchasing, warehousing and logistics to human resources, and customer service.

With her expertise in strategic and process improvement, Wendy is the logical person for strategic business development here at UST.

When not at work, Wendy enjoys living in Davis County and traveling on family get-a-ways enjoying the great outdoors that Utah has to offer.

Carson Normington (Executive Vice President, Operations) – Carson has over 10 years in the nutritional and dietary supplement industry where he has spent his career optimizing and growing manufacturing facilities.  As a result of the various roles and interactions he has held, Carson has a deep knowledge base of every aspect inside of the facility management process.  He has previously worked as a Quality Supervisor, Research and Development Director, Vice President of Operations, General Manager, and as a Business Director who supported startups to multi-billion dollar companies.

Carson’s key to success is focused around the Golden Rule to treat others the way you would want to be treated. Due to this thought process, he puts everyone’s needs before his own establishing strong relationships and partnerships in any setting. Carson currently holds a BS degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Software Engineering.

As the Executive Vice President of Operations at UST, Carson is responsible for the oversight of Manufacturing, Purchasing, Warehousing, and Process Improvement.

Carson lives in West Haven, Utah, with his wife and 4 children. When he is not at work, he enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with his family.

Devan Slade (Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Affairs) –Devan has over 20 years of experience in regulated industries such as medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical laboratories, and dietary supplements. Devan is passionate about helping people live healthy lives.

At UST, Devan partners with clients and stakeholders to grow their business brands by assuring their products safety and efficacy.

Devan has co-invented both domestic and international patents and is published in journals such as the American Chemical Society and National Science Foundation, for DNA hybridization mixing chambers and inventions to assist people with disabilities.  He enjoys his current responsibilities at UST of meeting and exceeding the high standards of important authorities and regulatory agencies, such as the USFDA, USDA, TGA, UDAF, NSF, and others.

Devan holds an MBA with an emphasis in Technology Management and Business Law from the Gore School of Business at Westminster and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Utah State University.

Jay Sadler (Director of Quality Operations) – Jay has spent over 14 years within the dietary and nutritional supplement industry with the majority of that time working for Nutraceutical corporation in various capacities. He has had the opportunity to design and implement changes as the industry became compliant to cGMP’s and has continued to evolve to a continuously more rigorous manufacturing standard. He has managed the implementation process of bringing two labs compliant to ISO 17025 standards and has managed the quality, purchasing, testing, and buildout of multiple labs. He has managed the production of nutritional products such as mineral chelation, liquids, powders, capsules, tablets, soaps, juices, and cosmetics. He has also been responsible for the chemical safety and disposal process for laboratory, nutritional liquid, and cosmetic processes. Previous roles include Formulations Scientist, Quality Manager, Director Process Engineering, Directory Quality Operations, and Senior Compliance Manager.

Jay has learned over his years of experience that the key to success lies in clear expectations with the moto of trust but verify. He believes that his employees work best when given clear objectives and then allowing them to work to find the best solutions. Jay currently holds a Bachelors in Microbiology, and an Master in Public Health with an emphasis on statistics and epidemiology.

As the Director of Quality Operations at UST Jay is responsible for oversight of the daily operations of the quality system such as material receiving and approval, laboratory testing and release, production quality, and COA generation and approvals.  We are consistently working to improve our processes and standings with the accreditation bodies that we work with such as TGA, NSF, ISO, and QAI.

When he isn’t working Jay spends his time with his wife and two kids at home in Harrisville UT. He also works as a volunteer ski patroller at Nordic Valley where he spends many of his weeknights and weekends in the winter. In the summer months he enjoys the mountains and lakes of Utah hiking and boating with his family.

Our Values

At UST, we pride ourselves on our old-school approach. We feel that face-to-face interactions are the best way to form successful relationships and long-lasting partnerships. Our clients are our most valued assets, which is why we also put such an emphasis on valuing loyalty. Our clients are our family, and it’s our dedication to their goals that allows us to grow with them.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and respected nutritional and dietary supplement contract manufacturing company.

Our mission

To create long-lasting partnerships with our customers by providing them with the high quality manufactured products that meet their specifications 100% of the time.

Our promise

We promise to be as passionate about our business as you are about yours. We’re committed to evolving with the industry and are dedicated to finding new ways to improve. We win through teamwork and individual accountability, and we believe in sharing the benefits of our success.