Q: What are the standard lead times for an order?
A: Most product manufacturing orders for current clients take between four and six weeks to complete based on the date the order was placed. This variance depends on lead times for gathering the needed raw materials and components. First-time orders require a little more time, as we must define the specifications and build the master documents.

Q. What types of manufacturing do you perform at the facility?
A: We offer a wide range of supplement manufacturing services for a variety of capsule types, tablets (directly compressible, granulated, coated, and un-coated), and powder blends. Our product capabilities include the following:

Q: Is UST registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?
A: Yes. Each year we update our registration. We are also registered with the FDA Food Bioterrorism Act. Please visit our Quality Control section to learn more about our certifications.

Q: What are Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)?
A: GMPs are internationally used to describe a set of principles and procedures that ensure products are manufactured at safe levels for human consumption. A basic principle of GMPs is that quality must be integrated into each batch of products during all stages of the manufacturing process. GMPs are guidelines established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Australian TGA, Health Canada, and other governmental regulatory agencies.

Q: What is a Certificate of Analysis? (CofA)
A: A CofA is a certificate illustrating that the finished product has met all of its specifications. This is done by stating all the specifications of the product and showing, by way of laboratory test results, that those specifications are all adhered to. Physical and chemical attributes, microbial activity, identification, and quantification are some of the measurements taken during these tests.

Q: Do you offer microbial testing?
A: We operate a multidisciplinary microbiological testing laboratory that provides an array of high-quality testing capabilities. We perform materials analysis on a variety of products, including pathogens, yeast and mold, enumerations, and total aerobic plate count. Because quality is our highest priority, we take special care in efficient sample management and quick turnaround times. Our on-site laboratory’s testing capabilities extend to:

Q: Do you offer analytical testing?
A: Yes. All raw materials and finished products must undergo chemical analyses to ensure product specifications are being met. This includes its identity, potency, and disintegration. Products are also analyzed for adulterants, heavy metals, and other specified analytes.

Q: What is TGA Certification?
A: TGA stands for Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia. This prestigious certification is available to manufacturers of such products, and UST should be awarded this certification in 2018.

Q: Why should my company work with UST?
A: At UST you will receive the personalized attention that ensures your products are made in a timely, efficient, and quality manner. We offer comprehensive services to assist you in your product development. This includes services such as creating customized formulations—which you would own the rights to, experienced marketing support, and international regulatory assistance with label-law compliancy.

Q: Does UST sell any products under its own name?
A: No. At UST, we only manufacture and package your product. We take great pride in establishing a relationship and being your partner. We will never directly compete with you.